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The Baby Boat

The Baby Boat

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The Baby Boat: a Tale of Adventure, Love and Life at Sea 

1970 was a time when there were no GPS’s, no electronic calculators or notebook computers, no communication via VHF or SSB radios and satellite phones, no accurate quartz watches, no access to weather forecasts, no EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacons), no lightweight small-boat refrigeration, no water makers, no disposable napkins (except cotton wool wadding), no yellow margarine and only limited dehydrated foods.

At that time, a young Johannesburg couple fulfil a dream adventure in a 25- foot yacht. This is a story of survival at sea, a husband's resourcefulness in the face of huge difficulties, running out of food and water and an amazing reunion with the author's Danish roots. It reaches a climax when they have a baby and decide to return to South Africa when he was just four months old. The wooden sloop’s voyage of 23,000 nautical sea miles concluded with the return to South African shores after a 53 day passage in the Southern Ocean.

The story is a faithful rendition of the author’s log and letters which allow the reader to step back into the past and relive the thoughts, feelings, fears and faith of a young wife, mother and sailor. 

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